Magenta - Landscape Gore 8.5"

Magenta - Landscape Gore 8.5"

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The Magenta Landscape 8.5" Skateboard board is Ben Gore pro model from Magenta Skateboards. Premium 7-ply maple construction, produced at the world-class Generator Workshop and new-age artwork illustrations designed in Paris!


7-ply Maple construction
Ben Gore pro model

In 2010, the three French skateboarders Sourya "Soy" Panday and Vivien and Jean Feil created the Paris label Magenta. Named after the Boulevard de Magenta in Paris the brand celebrates freedom, independence and the passion of its creators for skateboarding & community. They have now become a well-known brand across national borders and causing a stir, after their collaboration with adidas. The crew is home to well-known dudes such as Leo Valls, Jimmy Lannon, Zach Lyons, Ben Gore and Glen Fox, who regularly provide crazy and interesting output. All skateboard boards from Magenta are made exclusively at the prestigious Generator Woodshop in San Marcos, California, USA. In addition to the original 7-ply maple produced from the best wood in Canada, Magenta's logo - a six-leaf plant - is a key component.

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