School Holiday Skateboarding Program

Under cover all weather proof School Holiday Program

Find all bookable dates by clicking the link below!


C’mon don’t tell us you’ll keep your kids home during the school holidays! How dare you! We think that instead you should send them to us! 

Our young crew of instructors will make them do Old School activities like skate, play ball games, ping pong, air hockey, eat, drink and we will even bring them to Sydney Park for a skate (advance skaters only) if the weather permits! We also do a paper plane competition that is not to be missed! 

Rain, hail or shine our new warehouse facility has everything to keep your kids active far from the screens!😉

 Who: 7 to 13 years old - no experience required but a desire to skate and be active. 

Where: Frankie’s Wheels
When: see link below for dates
Cost: $99.00
Time: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm


  1. Please prepare and bring your own lunch and snacks for the day. We will be having a snack break at 11:00am and a lunch break at 12:15pm.
  1. Bring your snacks, lunch and refreshments along in your backpack; we have a fridge available if there is anything you need to keep cold.
  1. You can bring your own skateboard and protective gear if you have some. If you don’t, you can rent from us a skateboard, pads and a helmet.
  1. Please make sure to fill out a separate waiver form for all your kids, you and access the document here:

  1. Our program runs from 9:00am to 3:00pm, please make sure to arrive 10 minutes before the start of you session and before pick up time.
  1. We will have up to 2 instructors running our program and supervising the park each day; there are usually 10-15 kids in each session.
  1. Our skatepark is located at the following address:

Warehouse 3, 436-484 Victoria Rd Gladesville NSW 2111

Entrance via Tennyson Road and we are located at the 4th garage door from the left. 



9:00 - 9.45am
Meet and greet your instructors where they will provide a presentation and explanation of the rules for the park. Learn about how to use the park and equipment safely, skateboarding basics, creating a team and our skate tournament.

9.45 -10am
Let’s get you rolling with our introduction to skateboarding and a surprise game!

10:00 -11am
Part One: Skateboarding lessons with instructor demonstrating and practising basics on our skateboard ramps and street features.

11:00 -11.15am
Break: Have a snack and get ready for some advanced skateboarding.

11:15 -12.15pm
Part Two:
Our instructors will help develop and progress on the basics we learned this morning and will provide instructions and explanations of more advanced manoeuvres on our skateboard ramps and street features.

12:15 -1:00pm
Lunch break: Time to relax and have a well earned lunch.

Our instructors have a whole bunch of fun games and activities for you this afternoon. We will have some fun surprises and challenging activities to help get the most from everything you have learned today. We’ll wrap it up with an inclusive tournament to test out your new skills.

2:00 -3:00pm

Have fun with your new skills in an open supervised skateboarding session our skateboard ramps and street features with the crew.


Parents pick-up. Please arrive 10 minutes early and watch your kids rip!

We have an upstairs lounge retreat where parents can watch all the action, relax and even get some work done with our free WIFI access.

If you have your own board and it needs a service or upgrade we have a fully stocked pro shop and passionate staff that skate who can answer all your questions and fine-tune your board.