Skateboard Lesson Bookings

Who can skate at Frankie’s Wheels?

Anyone keen to learn to skateboard and be part of our program. We offer trial lessons for kids who are new to skateboarding, and are still deciding whether or not it’s something they want to pursue. Only 1 trial session available per child. Friends trials are not available.

If your child has previous skateboarding experience, please simply make a regular booking rather than a trial booking. 

Please make sure you have a booking before coming in to skate.

Age Levels:

2-5 years old 

Tiny Tots Wednesday/Friday 2:00pm 

Members and Credit Packs

6/14 years old 

Regular Training Program 7 Days week and Family Open Session

Members and Credit Packs


Adult lessons and Adult open sessions 

Check out our timetable to find the time that suits you.