Sydney Skateboard Birthday Parties
Sydney Skateboard Birthday Parties
Sydney Skateboard Birthday Parties

Sydney Skateboard Birthday Parties

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Frankie's Wheels birthday parties

Get ready to throw the coolest birthday party ever! At Frankie's Wheels, we've got everything you need to make your child's celebration unforgettable. Check out what makes our skatepark the raddest party spot in town:

Epic Skatepark: Our indoor skatepark is off the charts! With sick ramps, rails, and obstacles, your crew will have a blast tearing it up on their skateboards or simply learning on the flat and safe area.

Awesome Instructors: Our crew of skateboarding pros knows all the tricks and tips to help kids level up their game. They'll be there to guide, inspire, and cheer on the party-goers, making sure everyone has a gnarly time while staying safe.

Safety First: Don't worry, we've got safety covered! We provide all the gear your little shredders need, like pads and helmets, so they can skate with confidence. Our staff keeps a close eye on the action, ensuring everyone's having a wicked time while staying out of harm's way.

Party Your Way: We believe in giving you the freedom to customise the party to fit your vibe. From choosing your favourite tunes to decking out the space with your style, we're all about making it uniquely yours. Let's create a party that screams "you"!
Speaking of which, we have two options you can choose from! How exciting! Crazy or mad option including different services!

So, get ready to give your child an epic birthday bash at Frankie's Wheels Indoor Skatepark and Training Centre. Reach out to us now to start planning the raddest party ever:

Important note: pick-up time for the guest kids should be 15min prior to the end of the party

The birthday party includes:

  • Enjoy a full 3 hours, including 2 hours of skatepark fun for up to 12 guests (Have more kids in mind? Let's talk—age is the gauge, and options are availble)
  • Hang out and chill on the mezzanine area during those skating hours + 1 hour after for the cake —it's the perfect spot to catch a breather and soak in the scene. Quick summary, you've got the full skatepark + Mezzanine for 2 hours and then just the mezzanine for 1 extra hour! Total of the Mezzanine, 3 hours!
  • Count on 2 super cool instructors to keep the skating vibes alive and kicking.
  • Rock the house by connecting to our speaker and playing your own choice of tunes.
    Join us for an effortlessly awesome skatepark experience that's all about great times, good vibes, and keeping things casual!
  • Birthday kids get 1 month free membership in our skatepark!

Mad option:

Step Up Your Skatepark Fun with the Mad Option!

Want to add an extra kick of excitement to your skatepark bash? Check out our Mad Option! Here's what you'll get:

  • More Skate Time: Extend your skatepark adventure by 1 hour, giving you a total of 3 hours to shred, ride, and roll.
  • 1 pre party private lesson
  • Chill Mezzanine Hangout: Enjoy our mezzanine to relax, chat, and catch your breath between sessions.
  • Tasty Treats: Will order your favourite fast food for up to 12 kids and 2 adults.
  • Thirsty Anyone?: Stay hydrated with a variety of drinks to keep you refreshed and energised.
  • Cool Down with Treats: Indulge in icy treats that will sweeten up your skating spree.

If you are interested to book a birthday party with us, please contact us via our email address or contact the following phone number: 0400 653 932. We will then give you more information about the payment, the dates available and the practical information.

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