Free Introductory Skateboarding Lessons

Is your child interested in skateboarding? Before you splash out on pads, helmets and skateboards, come to us for a free trial lesson! Our expert instructors will assess your child's skill level and put together a plan to help them improve. Whether they've been skating for awhile and want to take their skills to the next level, or have never even stood on a board, our trial lesson will help them chart out their skateboarding journey.

If you're interested in a free introductory skateboarding lesson, please click the link below  or call us on 0483 944 172 to organise. Bookings are essential, so contact us today. If you want to know more about our trial lessons, read our FAQs below. 

Trial Lesson FAQs

Do I need to bring equipment?

No! We can organise pads, a helmet and a skateboard for your child's trial lesson. However, it's essential you arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled lesson time so our instructors have a chance to help your child prepare.

When do you offer free trial lessons?

Any of our lessons are available for free trials. Once you fill out the enquiry form, we'll give you a call to chat through your child's previous skateboarding experience, and assess the best class for them to join. You can check out the timetable on our homepage to find days and times that best suit your schedule.

Do I need to schedule in advance?

Yes. Bookings are absolutely essential for free trials, as we need to assess the most appropriate class for your child to join.

How many free trial lessons do you offer?

We offer one free trial lesson for each child.

When do we need to arrive for the free trial lesson?

Once you're booked in, we ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the lesson. This gives our instructor a chance to meet your child, and to help them put on their pads and helmet.

Does my child need previous skateboarding experience?

Not at all! We offer lessons for every range of skill level, from complete beginner to advanced skaters. After you fill out the enquiry form, we'll contact you to arrange a time and to assess your child's level of experience.

Do you offer free trial lessons for adults?

Yes! If you're an adult looking to get into skateboarding, just fill out the enquiry form and we'll call you to arrange a time.