Bones STF - V1 Retro 53mm 103a

Bones STF - V1 Retro 53mm 103a

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Bones STF V1 Retro 53mm 103a Skateboard Wheels are created with a substantially higher rebound urethane that is extra flat spot resistant for more speed and great slide characteristics.

Urethane - STF (Street Tech Formula) is perfect quality urethane that delivers a very fast roll speed, that grips when needed and slides when you want to. The STF 103a (83b) durometer is the classical Bones Street Tech Formula, outperforming the competition by wearing down super well, and maintaining their form and feel for way much longer.

Shape - Standard - (aka V1) Great for classic Street Skating to get your Kickflips, grinds and ollies perfectly. The thinner contact patch and tighter radius give you a more predictable flipping wheel so you can dial in your tech lines and rattle of endless tre flips.

Wheel Size - The 53mm size is a perfect all-around street and park size to hold speed in the flats and give you good momentum in small tranny, while still delivering a very quick and predictable pop to really dial in your flip tricks. A good balanced size for average to full-sized humans to flip and grind all the street and park possibilities.

The bearing core is center-set so you can switch the wheel side to save the graphic or to maintain a longer life by rotating your wheel placement again and again over the life of the wheel. This is handy when you slide your wheel often particularly in urban terrain that can wear your wheels in an uneven way.

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