Blind - Boom Box Reaper R7 Micky Papa Deck 8"

Blind - Boom Box Reaper R7 Micky Papa Deck 8"

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Blind - Boom Box Reaper R7 Micky Papa Deck 8"

Step into the skateboarding realm with the Blind Boom Box Reaper R7 Micky Papa skateboard deck, a true masterpiece that combines cutting-edge technology with a nod to the iconic style of Micky Papa. Designed with precision and innovation, this deck is crafted with the R7 construction, ensuring a superior level of resilience and pop.

With a width of 8 inches, the Boom Box Reaper R7 Micky Papa deck strikes the perfect balance between stability and responsiveness, catering to both street and park skaters. The deck's shape is inspired by Micky Papa's dynamic and versatile skating style, providing a platform that encourages creativity and progression on every ride.

The graphics on this Blind deck are a visual feast, featuring the Boom Box Reaper design that pays homage to the skate culture's rebellious spirit. The vivid colours and intricate details capture the essence of Papa's unique approach to the sport. Whether you're a dedicated fan of Micky Papa or simply seeking a deck that stands out in the skatepark, the Boom Box Reaper R7 is a statement of individuality and skill.

Constructed with Resin-7 technology, this deck is not only visually striking but also built to withstand the demands of modern skateboarding. The Resin-7 construction involves a strong epoxy resin that enhances the deck's durability and pop, making it an ideal choice for skaters who push their limits on a daily basis.

The Blind Boom Box Reaper R7 Micky Papa skateboard deck isn't just a piece of equipment; it's a canvas for your skateboarding journey. Whether you're perfecting your flip tricks, mastering grinds, or cruising the streets with style, this deck is your companion for pushing boundaries and expressing yourself on four wheels. Elevate your ride with the Boom Box Reaper R7, and experience the fusion of art, technology, and Micky Papa's undeniable influence in every skate session.

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