187 Killer Pads Six Pack Adult - Camo
187 Killer Pads Six Pack Adult - Camo

187 Killer Pads Six Pack Adult - Camo

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187 Killer Pads Six Pack Adult - Camo

Killer Pads packs set the standard for safety and protection in the industry. Drawing from the same design and craftsmanship that defines the acclaimed Pro Series, Killer Pads have optimized every aspect of this pack for fit, comfort, and durability.

Key Features:

  1. Contoured Form-Fitting Design: Tailored to cradle knees snugly, ensuring a precise fit for maximum protection.

  2. Superior Foam System: Engineered to absorb hard impacts, providing exceptional cushioning and support during falls or collisions.

  3. Streamline Shape and Design: Enhances mobility by minimizing bulkiness, allowing skaters to move freely and confidently.

  4. Seamless Interior Finish: Delivers ultimate comfort with a smooth feel against the skin, reducing irritation and chafing during extended wear.

  5. Ballistic Nylon Construction: Crafted with industrial-weight stitching, our pads are built to withstand rigorous use, ensuring long-lasting durability.

  6. Size-Specific Caps: Designed to create close contact with the pad, reducing unnecessary bulk while maintaining optimal protection.

Trusted by the world's top skaters, 187 Killer Pads® is the brand of choice for uncompromising safety and performance.

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