Y-NOT - Teen/Adult Tri Pack Pads Medium

Y-NOT - Teen/Adult Tri Pack Pads Medium

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All Black Colourway

- Knee & Elbow Sleeved Pads w/ Wrist Guards
- EVA Foam Protection
- Riveted Hard Caps.
- Secure Velcro Strap Closure

Offering serious protection as well as comfort. Y-Not pads feature quality neoprene materials in the sleeves and straps for comfort, providing longer skate sessions. 

Small 24-28cm above
19-23cm below
30-38cm above
23-28cm below
Medium 27-30cm above
24-28cm below
38-41cm above
28-33cm below
Large 29-33cm above
27-30cm below
48-51cm above
36-41cm below

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