Sharkbanz 2.0 Shark Deterrent Bands – White/Seafoam

Sharkbanz 2.0 Shark Deterrent Bands – White/Seafoam

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Sharkbanz 2.0 are a magnetic shark deterrent band that induces electromagnetic charge within elasmobranch species’ Ampulae of Lorenzini to create sensory overload in their electro-reception functions (navigation, prey detection etc) causing discomfort and mitigating prey signals to a given shark.

Effective in all instances of shark predation and scavenging except for Ambush Predation by Great White Sharks. GWS are the only species to exhibit this style of predation and unfortunately not even a brick wall will stop a 1 tonne beast travelling at 60km/h. That’s like getting hit by a car made of teeth.

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