DGK - Mashup Ortiz 7.8"

DGK - Mashup Ortiz 7.8"

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DGK Skateboards or Dirty Ghetto Kids was imagined and created by the dude Stevie Williams in 2004 as a brand that stood for those who came from nothing. It honours skateboarders who turned their negative lifestyles into a positive environment against all odds. A newer entrant into the big world of skating, DGK has quickly gained momentum & now has a reputation for laughter, nostalgia and focusing on the fun part of skating.

The DGK Skateboard Deck Mashup Ortiz 7.8" is a perfect techy street size board coming with an original design from DGK. This 7.8" is perfect for street shredders looking for a premium POP machine to get your flip tricks dialed in. A great board for the ripping dudes to get them hitting all the obstacles at the park. The Kayo Corp signature shapes are a top-quality construction with some of the best concave in the game! DGK Pressed in the USA!


- Width 7.8"
- Length 31.3"
- Wheelbase (inches) 14"
- Construction Maple
- Style Street/Park
- Colour White

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