Sydney Skateboarding Birthday Party (Mad option)


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Get ready to throw the coolest birthday party ever! At Frankie's Wheels, we've got everything you need to make your child's celebration unforgettable. Check out what makes our skatepark the raddest party spot in town:

Epic Skatepark: Our indoor skatepark is off the charts! With sick ramps, rails, and obstacles, your crew will have a blast tearing it up on their skateboards. It's a non-stop adventure zone where everyone can show off their skills and have a blast.

Awesome Instructors: Our crew of skateboarding pros knows all the tricks and tips to help kids level up their game. They'll be there to guide, inspire, and cheer on the party-goers, making sure everyone has a gnarly time while staying safe.

Safety First: Don't worry, we've got safety covered! We provide all the gear your little shredders need, like pads and helmets, so they can skate with confidence. Our staff keeps a close eye on the action, ensuring everyone's having a wicked time while staying out of harm's way.

Party Your Way: We believe in giving you the freedom to customize the party to fit your vibe. From choosing your favorite tunes to decking out the space with your style, we're all about making it uniquely yours. Let's create a party that screams "you"!

Speaking of which, we have two options you can choose from! How exciting! Crazy or mad option including different services!

So, get ready to give your child an epic birthday bash at Frankie's Wheels Indoor Skatepark and Training Centre. Reach out to us now to start planning the raddest party ever:

    Mad option:

    • Skatepark area for 4 hours for up to 12 guests (more kids possible depending on the age, please ask us about your options)
    • Mezzanine area 4 hours up to 20 guests
    • e-party invite
    • Food for kids from our caterer or fast food of your choice
    • Drinks
    • Icy treats
    • 2 awesome instructors
    • 1 amazing supervisor
    • Play your own music
    • Brand new skateboard, pads and helmets for the birthday kid (worth $375.00)
    • 2 post party lessons

    Please to book visit this page: 

    Birthday party bookings

    Place: Frankie's Wheels indoor skatepark and training centre
    Price: $990 for 10 kids, then $20 for every extra kids (15 kids max 10/15 years old and 12 kids max for 6 to 8 years old )
    Sunday: 1-4pm
    Saturday: 3-6pm